Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My new library bag

Any mama who Homeschools on the cheap knows how valuable the Library is. We go every Friday. The kids look forward to our weekly library outing. We check out A LOT of books and dvd's. We don't have cable, we get no reception and we canceled netflix so the Library is it. We have a great library system and can check out several books and movies between our 4 cards. I had been taking a bag from "mixed bags" a fundraiser program that has quality shopping bags. It was functional but I wanted something that worked to store some books at home too. I have a bin that I use but that wasn't cutting it. I did a blog design for a friend and we worked a trade and I got an awesome library bag. Its called a utility bag. It has a wire around the top so it is kinda like a pop up bin too. It is perfect to transport books and keep books/dvds in too. I L-O-V-E it. It fits wonderfully in the hutch in the foyer. The company is Proverbs 31 bags. and if you are interested in one I can put you in touch with a consultant.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well, I like change...

So you may notice I change the look of my blog often. That is because I like change, and because I can. I have been doing graphic design for many years but have really been trying to step it up a bit. I am sure many Moms can relate to needing to find ways to generate additional income. I started a whole other blog just to feature my work. If you like you can check it out here. Being a homeschooling family with many children and 1 income is a common theme. So why not turn something you love into a way to earn a little extra to keep your homeschooling dreams alive. I really enjoy graphics I think my favorite aside from blog design is birth announcements and graduation announcements. Their is just something about the start of a new life in both those things and its such a joy to be apart of it. Graduation season upon us had been rewarding in so many ways. I just love seeing many homeschoolers going on to college. Knowing I have my oldest at home for a mere 5 more years brings on excitement and terror all at once. I am sure you can relate you question yourself. Am I doing enough? Is she well rounded? will she get into the college of her choice? I know that only through prayer and dedication I can help her reach her goals. It's a big job, but so glad I am blessed to be able to do it!