Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well, I like change...

So you may notice I change the look of my blog often. That is because I like change, and because I can. I have been doing graphic design for many years but have really been trying to step it up a bit. I am sure many Moms can relate to needing to find ways to generate additional income. I started a whole other blog just to feature my work. If you like you can check it out here. Being a homeschooling family with many children and 1 income is a common theme. So why not turn something you love into a way to earn a little extra to keep your homeschooling dreams alive. I really enjoy graphics I think my favorite aside from blog design is birth announcements and graduation announcements. Their is just something about the start of a new life in both those things and its such a joy to be apart of it. Graduation season upon us had been rewarding in so many ways. I just love seeing many homeschoolers going on to college. Knowing I have my oldest at home for a mere 5 more years brings on excitement and terror all at once. I am sure you can relate you question yourself. Am I doing enough? Is she well rounded? will she get into the college of her choice? I know that only through prayer and dedication I can help her reach her goals. It's a big job, but so glad I am blessed to be able to do it!


  1. Absolutely love this one!

    Prayers for you, momma!

  2. I love this design too! ANd I know what you mean. My oldest has 5yrs left as well.