Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well, I have not bloged in a while. Lots of big changes around here. We went from preparing to "maybe" homeschool next year. To Moving out of state and starting schooling right now. It's be a roller coaster few weeks but we are all very happy. Today is day 3 of schooling days 1&2 went really well. Quite honestly much better than I expected. My 5 year old especially really REALLY loves school. She is constantly asking for more and more and more work. I have to plan lots of extras for her because she doesn't like downtime or waiting for more work when I am working with her sisters. I really thought that having a 2 year old would get in the way a lot but it has gone much smoother than expected. She enjoys "playing" school and even has her own little journal that she gets out when we do our daily journal prompts. Id say my biggest struggle is that every time I leave the school room to do a lesson with someone or just get off my feet for a few the kids mess with each other. I really need a chair for me in their and that is top on my list right now. I am really enjoying doing FIAR (five in a row) with Morgan as well as FFL (First language lessons for the well trained mind) She is such a little sponge. She is even writing her own sentences and underlining the nouns after just 1 lesson on nouns. Erynn is really excelling in math (Saxon 8/7) I have to buy more curriculum for Aria I am doing a lot of printable worksheets and such with her right now. We are gearing up to do a unit study on Ohio State history I know nothing about the state myself having never lived here before so it should be a good learning time for all of us.
Part of our New School room!


  1. Glad to hear all is going well for you guys, Michelle!

  2. Sounds like it's going really well!

  3. Sounds great!!! Glad the FIAR is going well for you guys.. Have you been combining the kids for those lessons at all?

    I like the new blog design!

  4. thanks I like to play around with design, not sure if I love it enough to keep it.

    Re FIAR-Not this week but I may start if things seem go along with what the older kids are learning.

  5. So glad to hear that things are going well. So many big changes and it sounds like everybody has been taking it in stride.

    I really like the new header.

  6. Your blog is gorgeous! Love it!

    I'm glad it's going well for y'all.