Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Spelling...

Generally we wouldn't "do school" on a Sunday but I wanted to get some things going early this week so we can learn about & celebrate Passover this coming week. Although my kids BEG to do school work I wanted to make it fun. We did some spelling games and word searched and for our snack we had Scrabble cheez-its. They had to spell out all their spelling words then they could eat them when we where done. I put the entire box in a big silver bowl and next time I will use 2 boxes we didn't seem to have enough letters so a lot of swapping was going on. I did take a few pics :)


  1. Super fun!!! What a great idea. :)

    Oooh I like your blue theme, too!

  2. I am just not a pink person I tried to love it but I didn't. I really want to do something brown and lime green but I haven't been motivated to do that big of a change lol. The scrabble cheez-its are a lot of fun. They have a game board on the back of the box too. It is hard to do with a 2 year old around though she wants to eat them all. My mom bought us some mini ABC cookie cutters I am going to make some "animal crackers" with them for next week I think. I am not on good terms with my new oven though lol